Panelized Homes ( A Pacific Alternative )


  • Every building is an engineered structure. The moment a nail is driven into two boards, load transfers from one board to the other, so designing and engineering all structures is important. A house using components is fully engineered.
  • Each component is designed specifically for your building.
  • Each component locations is defined, making components easy to use in the field.
  • All the loads go where they belong. You won't have uneven floors, or windows and doors that don't close properly - no surprises!
  • Engineering with computer software makes craftsmanship easy with components, and gives you design flexibility.


  • A manufacturing facility creates quality components, often starting with computer-controlled saws, which make accurate compound cuts simple. All component joints fit together tightly in precision jigs. Manufacturing can also be computer-controlled, for faster setup times and efficient production.
  • Weather is not a factor. Production can continue day and night, providing consistent quality.
  • Material shortage delays are less likely, since the entire system is supplied in one package.
  • Callbacks are reduced. Components made with dry lumber are less likely to shrink, warp and twist.
  • Components are rarely stolen from the job site.

View the Panelized Home Construction Process - Click Here

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